6 Reasons why you should visit Gran Canaria

It’s crazy to think my childhood consisted of going to the beach every weekend and see the sun 360 out of 365 days of the year, but that’s Gran Canaria for you. If you haven’t heard of this little place, think Tenerife’s neighbours. Gran Canaria is one of the 7 islands that make the Canary Islands. Though the Canary Islands belong to Spain, they’re conveniently located right beside the continent of Africa, and Morocco is just an hours flight away! If you’re thinking of taking a vacation soon and don’t know where to go, well I’m giving you six reasons why you should visit Gran Canaria! Warning: I’m totally not being bias or anything just because I was born here, just saying…

Gran canaria palm trees

maspalomas1. There’s good weather all year round

Seriously, every time I go back for Christmas I find myself lying under the sun. The average temperature all year around is between 25 to 30 degrees, so you can escape anytime of the year.

2. The food is amazing

Generally the food in Spain is amazing. The one thing I miss when I’m in London is the food. Seafood, tapas, paella, what’s not to love? You’ll find a local favourite dish, called ‘papas con mojo’ which is really popular. It’s similar to patatas bravas but different. Not to mention, the seafood is incredibly fresh.
Sheraton hotel gran canaria

3. It’s only 4 hours away from the UK

It’s far enough for you to technically not be in Europe but close enough that it’s still easy to get to, not to mention it’s very cheap. Ryanair sometimes has flights from London Stansted for £50 return. If not you can fly from London Gatwick, Luton or Heathrow, whichever is convenient for you. You can get amazing Gran Canaria deals here.

4. You can enjoy the city and the countryside all at once

If you’re the kind of person who can’t sit still on the beach, like me, there’s still plenty of activities to do! You can hike up to the Roque Nublo, go scuba diving, or visit the capital city Las Palmas for a cultural day. There’s something to do for every kind of traveller.

ibiza sunset

ibiza sunset

5. The sunsets are unbelievable

I don’t know about you guys but I just love watching the sunset wherever I go, there’s something so calm and peaceful about it. I’ve witnessed some amazing sunsets here, and there’s just something about watching the sunset at the beach, with a drink in your hand. Am I right?

6. It’s very Instagrammable

There’s palm trees everywhere, we even have some dunes and some pretty beaches as well. Gran Canaria is pretty much sand and palm trees in a nutshell.

teror gran canariaI hope you enjoyed this post. Have you ever visited Gran Canaria? Are you guys going on holiday sometime soon?

This post is in collaboration with Holiday Gems, but all views and opinions are my own.