Canada lovin’

So continuing on with my summer post, one of the things I loved about Canada is its beauty. We started off our trip in Vancouver, where we stayed for 3 days. Vancouver is one of the top 3 best cities in the world to live in, and that was visible by the city’s lifestyle. If it weren’t too far away, I’d pack my bags and move there this instant. Another thing I discover was that it was absolutely packed with Asian people (no offense to anyone). This meant good food. Nom.

We discovered something called “Japadog”. So the hot dogs are made according to different Japanese dishes, e.g. A tempura hot dog would consist of the hot dog, with tempura and some japanese sauce on top. It was brilliant, and apparently it was really popular since some celebrities have had them too, including Logan Lerman which made me AFJLASKFJLA (excuse my fangirl moment). I forgot to take a picture of the actual dish which was a mistake, but well!

We also ate at a restaurant called Joey Burrard and it was delicious. I discovered sweet potato fries and I’m still craving them. If you live in Vancouver, you should go there.
The next day we went to Victoria, which is on the island of Vancouver. Small city but pretty. We visited the Butchart gardens, where flowers bloomed all over the place. Then we walked around the city, just taking in the Canadian atmosphere. We came back late at night, eating at Joey Burrard again. The next few days we went on a tour with 11 people all the way to Calgary. The point of this trip was to visit the glaciers and lakes in between, so we stayed in Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff. They were all beautiful and I was trying to take great pictures. I strongly recommend visiting this side of Canada if you’re interested in nature and fiords. 

The lakes were so blue/green I couldn’t believe it! Plus it was cold in some places so that sucked! Here I have more food pictures you can cry over.  Creme Bruleé and donuts = heaven.

So that’s a summed up version of my trip basically. Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Where did you guys go this summer? 🙂