Feel it in my bones

Sweater – Zara
Pants – Stradivarius
Purse – Olivia + Joy
Shoes – Loft
Hello my lovely people!
Sorry I was AWOL for a while, I forgot to queue up some posts and then I went on vacation to Holland and Belgium. I did take many pictures of my trip, including most of my outfits which I will be showing you guys over the next few weeks.

I’m not wearing any make up, because I was travelling and couldn’t be arsed tbh. This sweater, which you may have seen in my July haul, is a personal favourite, and very comfortable. I forgot to wear a top inside though because when we reached Amsterdam it was colder than expected, and I packed summer clothes thinking it would probably be hot (not my best idea tbh). I still had some winter clothes so I survived – thank god.

In other news I’m back on the blogging grind! And hopefully there will be constant posts up when I move to London next week but I’m sorry if I end up posting late!

Much love,