10 Travelling Experiences On My Bucket List

travel bucket list zimbabweI’ve never been much of a bucket list person, seeing as there’s so many things I’ve ‘ticked off’ at such a young age, like travel 30 countries under the age of 20. However, I’ve been reflecting a lot recently, including what I want to do with my life and where I want to go next. One of the things I think about all the time is where I want to travel to next (I mean, who doesn’t?) I’ve pretty much visited half of Europe, most of North America and a few other places here and there. So I thought, why not create a bucket list of 10 travelling experiences I want to do before I turn 35? This way, I am definitely going to plan and make these all come true!


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1. Backpack around SE Asia

I’ve been wanting to visit Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for a while now. I’ve seen so many people take the plunge and just travel around there for a few months. Though I don’t think I could travel for months on end, I’d love to go backpacking for a few weeks, especially seeing as it’s so cheap to travel there.

2. Take a relaxing break in the Maldives

I mean, who doesn’t want to drop everything and take a 1 year vacation to the Maldives? I may just save this for when I get married someday and want to go on a honeymoon. (Future husband, where you at?)

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3. View the Northern lights in Iceland

This one’s been on my bucket list for a few years now. I’ve been stargazing so many times but to see the Northern lights in real life would be a dream come true!

4. Hike the Inca trail

I’ve never visited South America, considering how often I travel. But it’s definitely calling my name, especially Machu Pichu. I’d love to hike up above and wonder at how they built a city high on a mountain!

5. Party in Bali

I’m not much of a party person, but the thought of living my best life in Bali sounds very appealing right now. Especially after seeing so many bloggers going there, I’m tempted to book a flight right now.

6. Live like Lizzie McGuire in Rome

If you haven’t thought about belting out into “This is what dreams are made of” in Rome, you’re not a 90’s baby. I’ve only visited Milan, Venice, Firenze and Bari in Italy but somehow have never managed to go to Rome. I’m definitely making this happen someday soon!

7. Road trip Route 66

I know how cliche this sounds, but me and my best friends always talk about taking a road trip through this route. Wouldn’t it be amazing to live the cheesy ‘American’ dream for a few days?!

Big Sur California

8. Skydiving in New Zealand

I’m an adrenaline junkie, I love adventures when I’m holiday (as well as relaxing!). I went paragliding in Cape Town & Switzerland and had such an incredible experience. So I’m definitely hoping to go skydiving soon! What better place to go skydiving than NZ?

9. Visit the Great Wall of China

Ever since I visited Japan, aka the Eastern side of Asia, my eyes have peeled open to the possibility of visiting China. It’s completely different to the previous destinations but just the culture, the food and the fact that one of the 7 wonders of the world is based there.

10. Sail around the Caribbean

You’d think being from an exotic island in Spain I’d be bored of the island life. Ironically enough, I love exploring other beautiful islands just as much as I love home. Somehow the beaches in the Caribbean look 1000 times prettier. I’m just imagining myself with my rich boyfriend sailing through The Bahamas with no care in the world. One day I shall have said rich boyfriend.

Do you have any experiences on your bucket list that you’d like to do? Have you been to any places I’ve mentioned? Let me know in the comments below!

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