Guide: My Travel Essentials

Once you’ve booked your holiday somewhere, the excitement is real. You’re literally counting down the days until you’re on the plane on your way to a new destination. But before you do, you can’t forget to take the travel essentials with you! I know I definitely forget to take a lot of things and realise once I’ve arrived to my destination. Woops. Here’s a list to help you with the packing, just in case you need a essentials

Beauty Essentials

I always carry travel sized shower gels, organic shampoo, body lotions etc. with me! You can never really trust hotel shampoos, especially since a lot of them dry my hair (unless you’re staying in a luxurious hotel). Don’t forget to take a plastic zip locker with you if you’re only taking a carry on bag.

In terms of make up, I usually take my Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look palette because it has everything I need (eyeshadow, bronzer, blush and highlighter) apart from my foundation obviously. I also accumulate a lot of perfume samples throughout the year so I can take them with me on holiday. Other items I take include make up brushes, my toothbrush, moisturiser and concealer. Funnily enough, security stopped me because I had something metallic that looked like a knife, which turns out was just one of my Harry Potter themed make up brushes.

Tech stuff

You can’t go on vacation without taking your phone and camera, obviously. If you can then hats off to you because I’d probably be lost in a foreign country without google maps or city mapper. Headphones/earphones are also necessary – for those long aeroplane rides or days lounging at the beach. If you’re going into a new continent, you’ll need an adapter to be able to charge your tech stuff.

I also carry a power bank just in case I get lost in a city and I have no battery on my phone. Better safe than sorry!


I mean, this one’s pretty obvious. If you’re travelling to a warm place, it’s very easy to pack since summer clothes take so little space. With a cold destination, you might as well wear 10 layers at the airport! I try to take one pair of jeans and different tops, as you’ll be covered up in a coat anyways. I would recommend taking one or two pair of shoes if you’re only allowed a carry on. One of them you’ll be wearing to the airport, and the other for backup. Shoes take up a lot of space so less you take the better.

If you’re on a long flight, my tip would be to wear leggings and a loose, comfortable top. Especially since I usually end up eating a lot on aeroplanes for some reason, so you don’t want your stomach to feel restricted.

Tip: I always try on my outfits before, or at least plan them so I know what to expect once I’m there.


Cross body bags are my favourite when it comes to travelling. It’s easier to carry my essentials in them when I’m wondering around as I just need my money and phone with me. Backpacks are great too, especially if you want to carry a DSLR, water and snacks.

Of course, please don’t forget your passport/ID. That’s one of the most important things!

What are your travel essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love,