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Personalise your Phone with CaseApp

I’ve always been obsessed with finding a new phone case. Whether it’s quirky or filled with quotes, I just love the idea of designing my phone and getting creative. So when the lovely team at CaseApp kindly let me choose a personalised iPhone case I was very excited. I thought I’d show you what I chose, in case you’re thinking of a last minute gift 😉 (Don’t worry, I haven’t done my Christmas shopping either!) 

What is CaseApp?

Based in Sweden, Caseapp is an online website where you can order custom designed products. From iPhone and Samsung to Macbook designs, there’s a whole range of designs available for every kind of phone/laptop. 

As you can see, I went for the Lemon print and Drake inspired case. But you can also upload your own designed case. You simply go to the website, visit the case area and upload your own design. Wa-lah! There are a range of amazing designs out there for you to choose. 

The quality of the cases are amazing. When picking a phone case you have the option of the standard one or the tough one and they both cost €29. I decided to get both to test them out and see what the difference is.

For the lemon print case, I chose the iPhone 7 ‘tough’ case – which is basically a thicker phone case than the normal one. It’s great because it protects your phone really well and can probably prevent it from cracking. I’m very clumsy so this is definitely what I need. It’s important to know that it consists of a plastic shell and an outer lining which is black. On my phone design it looks really well but on another design it might not look just as good.

Case app iPhone case

Personally, I would go for the tough case as it gives your phone an extra layer of protection. However, I know some people don’t like their phones being too thick or heavy so it really depends on what you prefer. 

Likewise, I chose a palm tree pint Macbook skin, and I must say it looks really elegant. Sometimes I feel like I have an all new Macbook. (Ha, if only!) Though personally I do prefer a hard exterior case to protect my laptop, I do like the skin to make my Macbook look even prettier. 

Overall, I’m really impressed with my experience with Caseapp. Everything arrived really fast and in great condition. I’ve had so many nice compliments about the case too. I’ll probably end up ordering more cases soon! 

If you want to bag yourself some cute cases you can use my code ‘AMERZWITHLOVE20’ to get yourself a 20% discount.

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