Road trips I want to take in Europe

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Road trips are pretty unfamiliar to me, in the sense that I’ve never taken a proper road trip. Apart from one time in the US where we drove from New Jersey to Orlando, Florida. Which was a long, long road trip. But living on a remote island meant that our road trips would consist of going to the other side of the island for the day or flying out to mainland Spain. I’d always thought it was so cool that people in the mainland could drive from Malaga to Madrid in five hours. I’ve been so used to taking a plane that flying just comes natural to me.

However, I’ve definitely been dreaming about taking road trips around Europe. If there was a chance I could just rent a car and drive through the open roads of Europe, here are the three places I’d love to take a trip through.

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The Swiss Alps

Though I’ve been to Switzerland and travelled around in train, I’d love to rent a car and drive around the country. The views in Switzerland are stunning, you won’t feel like you’re in Europe. I literally wanted to get off at every train station just to take in the view because it was so stunning.

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The Amalfi Coast

Aka, one of the most instagrammable places ever. I’ve previously been to Milan and Venice, but the Amalfi Coast looks like a dream. I’d love to drive through the stunning coastal towns of Sorrento and Positano, enjoy the seaside and live my best life. Italy in general is such a beautiful country. There’s good food, great wine, and amazing views. What more could you ask for?

Route One – Iceland

Iceland would probably be the best place to take a road trip. You can’t beat the volcanoes, the impressive natural beauty, the waterfalls and the northern lights. The country has so much to offer and the best way to explore would be by car, so you don’t miss out on anything.

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When planning a road trip, you obviously have to decide whether you’ll use your own car or hire one. If you’re taking your own car you’ll need to check if it’s in perfect condition so you don’t break down in the middle of nowhere. Kwik Fit are a great place to check out your oil levels, car tyre pressure and any other conditions. They’re readily available to help you with any problems you may have with your car!

Plus, in order to go on a road trip, a great playlist is essential. There’s no road trip without music, am I right?

Have you guys got any road trips planned? Where would you like to take a road trip to?

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