It had been a dream of mine to visit Greece, and it finally came true this summer! A few weeks ago I ventured off to this beautiful country with some of my Uni friends for 8 days. Our plan was to visit 3 places, first stop: Athens.

We arrived at Athens airport, excited to explore the city and just have a good time. As luck has it, our hotel was situated in a really shady area, but it was so close to the centre of the city it made sightseeing so much easier.
As you can expect from us, the first thing we did when we arrived was look for food. And then as we returned to retire for the night back to our hotel we grew hungry again and ended up getting a huge package of lamb and fries (of which we had no idea how it happened).
The next day we woke up and were ready to take over the city. Our first stop was the War museum. I’m generally not a fan of museums unless they’re really interesting but some of my friends were interested in this one. After that we headed up to the Temple of Zeus and the Acropolis. The architecture is incredible and the views of the city from the Acropolis are amazing, although it was scorching hot. (Note: when visiting these places make sure to take your student ID as you get tickets for free, especially if you’re in a European university).
Athens kind of reminded me of the streets in India: people riding on motor bikes and street food everywhere. Athens is worth visiting for its history, and it can be done in less than 2 days. I wouldn’t really return to the city. Despite this, I still had an enjoyable time with my friends and wouldn’t exchange it.
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