Top 8 Sunset Spots in Gran Canaria | Spain

One of the most popular islands, Gran Canaria attracts tourists all year round due to the sunshine and amazing weather. Can you tell me one place where you’ll find 25ºC weather in December? I feel so grateful to have grown up on this island, even though I do wish I could get out of it sometimes!

I previously wrote about why you should visit Gran Canaria on holiday. As someone who’s lived here for 20 years (4 of them being out of Spain), I can tell you the best locations on the island to watch the sunset from. I’ve even got a Sunset highlights on my Instagram which you can check out here.

1. Playa de Meloneras

Meloneras is one of the most popular towns in the south of Gran Canaria. It boasts of lots of amazing restaurants, shops and incredible hotels. It’s also known as a popular destination to watch the sunset because it’s right in front of the sea. I’ve seen my fair share of amazing sunsets over here, while having a pint of beer.

2. Puerto de las Nieves, Agaete

Located on the North West of the island, you’ll find yourself in a small but charming fishing village. Surrounded by White Grecian houses and local Spanish restaurants, it’s a great place to spend the day and stay to watch the sunset. If you’re lucky, you might just see Tenerife in the background.

3. Mirador del Balcón, La Aldea

We recently just discovered this place last summer! The view point is located in between mountains, and is about an hour drive from Mogan, or around 1.30h drive from Maspalomas. It’s such an underrated but beautiful place to watch the sunset. With the view of the mountains and the ocean, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy a peaceful sunset here.

4. La Ventana del Nublo

Most people opt to go for a hike to Roque Nublo, but this little spot has a better view of Roque Nublo and Tenerife! If you drive up to Roque Nublo (depending on which road you take) it’s just 5 minutes away. The only downside is that it’s a 15 minute Trek to this spot, on a steep hill. There is a parking area where you’ll find a clear path indicating the way up. We were almost about to give up but it’s definitely worth the view. If you search ‘La Ventana del Nublo’ on maps, you should be able to find your way.

5. Mirador Pico de Las Nieves

This is another place close to La Ventana del Nublo where you can watch the sunset, just a 5 minutes drive away from La Ventana del Nublo! There’s even a small food truck where you can grab a hot chocolate or a beer to enjoy the sunset.

la ventana del nublo

6. Bufadero de Tauro, Playa de Amadores

A little hidden from the beach, you can actually swim here while watching the sunset. It’s a quiet, peaceful little place where you can have a picnic while watching the sunset. It’s a great place for a date too!

7. Puerto de Mogán

One of my favourite places on the island, Puerto de Mogan is a cute town near Puerto Rico. It’s a great place for you to spend the day, eat some delicious Spanish food and enjoy the sunset.

Have you ever visited Gran Canaria? If so, what was your favourite memory from your trip?

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