Last weekend, me and my best friends spent an amazing weekend in a Resort. I wanted to show you guys what we were up to, which admittedly wasn’t much except tanning, swimming and eating. Nevertheless, we had a great time. Although we could not go out clubbing because it was in a remote location, we managed to have a great time.
Firstly, this was our huge room, it included: a huge king sized bed, a balcony with gorgeous views and a huge bathroom. The bathroom was the best part of the room, we all agreed we would like something similar in our houses.

Next up, we went to the pool. There were four, and admittedly they weren’t all really huge but they were enjoyable. It was weird how we were seeing so many adorable kids and babies around and ogling them because they were so cute!

Legs or hot dogs?

After some quality time spent at the pool, we headed back to take a shower and prepare for dinner. We first went up to walk around the last floor of the hotel, where there were balenisian beds (which were full of people during the day) and the sunset was visible. 

Then it was dinner time! At a buffet, of course. There was so much food I didn’t know where to start. Don’t even get me started on the dessert. There was white chocolate fountain, never mind normal chocolate fountain, and so many cakes and pastries – it was literally heaven.

Afterwards we just took a walk around the hotel and then returned to our room to chill out. We started watching a documentary on horse shampoo and how people have been using it to grow their hair – which is really weird. But it was a great end to a fantastic day.
Hope you enjoyed this post! Are you guys up to anything this weekend?
Much love,