Wardrobe essentials we all need for 2020

With another crop of runway shows in the bag, and the seasons changing back in the real world, it’s time to start dreaming of next year’s fashion. Of course, 2020 is bound to have plenty of surprises for us (I’d be disappointed if it didn’t!) but there are already some bold ideas that designers and buyers seem to share. Read on for more:

The out-of-office suit

Nowadays, more and more of us are working outside the office, which has meant the neutral staples of traditional workwear have somewhat diminished in popularity.

But, while it’s usually fine to attend check-ins with co-workers in smart-but-casual outfits, there are always going to be more important meetings that require a show of effort.

The thing is, because a lot of even these face-to-face meetings will also be outside the office, it’s best to go formal – but colourful. And so, 2019-20s suited looks often include a softer cut, or subdued patterns such as stripes or even florals.

Silhouettes for the streets

Similarly, one of the stand-out trends of Winter 19/20 looks set to be statement outerwear. It’s all about bulking out the silhouette – a powerful look for the streets.

Trench coats are perennials, of course, but this season’s crop goes beyond classic styling for almost cartoonish exaggeration. Meanwhile, the ever-popular puffa jacket still offers unrivalled warmth, but their practicality will be given a twist with some inventive tailoring.

Athleisure forever

With gym culture still going strong, it’ll be no surprise to learn that athleisure is going nowhere. In fact, now that it’s so established, its appeal is actually broadening.

Although the sector actually slowed its growth a little this year, the signs that it’s reaching new customers are clear. As the athleisure style (rather than practicality) is increasingly prized, older people who may not have traditionally needed sports clothes are trying them on for size.


Over the last few years, the go-to show-stopper for the party season has been the sequinned dress. And, while you’ll find further variations on these, designers already seem to be taking a step back and saving the sparkle for details or flourishes.

Instead, for the first time in a good while, the extravagant fluff of feathers is on the rise again. So preen yourself for special occasions with dresses – or tops – which are both playful and soft to the touch.

Sustainable fashion

In many ways, though, the biggest emerging trend is not a cut, a colour or even a material. Sustainable fashion continues to capture the hearts of designers, and it’s quickly moved from being a novelty to an established alternative that’s likely to affect every branch of fashion.

Sadly, if the fashion industry were a country, it would currently have the fifth-highest carbon emissions in the world. This has to change – and it is.

Where will this most impact your wardrobe? Well – in those areas that have, until recently, been seen as bad for the environment. New techniques are giving certain items and accessories a whole new lease of life. From sustainable denim and sneakers to the ultimate in eco-friendly accessories – lab-grown jewels.

Handbags for life

A repeated sight on recent catwalks has been handbags perfectly scaled up to go with larger jackets. If that sounds like a happily practical trend – well, it can be (though some of the bags were so giant they might present their own challenge). Still, whether you go large or extra-large, you can at least expect to finally have space for all your devices.

This post was in collaboration with Dale White Media.