What’s in my purse?

Hey guys! How’s it going?

Two blog posts in a week?! Say what?! Yup, I know. I filled my promise. I’m finally doing the “What’s in my purse tag” which I delayed for a long time.. but better late than never right?


First of all, we have my Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha Mini bag, which I absolutely adore. I got this for my birthday, as previously mentioned, and I take it with me every weekend, regardless of the other purses I have that need taking out. This one is just perfect, and goes with everything.
So in my purse, you will find:
1. My mobile phone, obviously. I don’t think anyone of us can live without technology nowadays can we? I do sometimes carry it in my pocket, but the small chain in my purse hides my mobile well too.
2. My wallet. I think I’ve had this one for almost a year, snagged it from Claire’s on sale for about 3€ I think, which isn’t bad at all. I love the colour, gold from the outside and neon pink from the inside.
3. A clip. I always keep this in my purse no matter how I style my hair, I usually end up using it either because I’m rather annoyed with letting my hair down or because it’s too hot. This clip also holds my hair up perfectly well, since my hair is rather voluminous.
4. Headphones. I currently use Apple’s iPhone headphones (stolen from my mum) which I love! Headphones are a necessary when going out, you’ll always need them, especially if you have a little walk or during car rides.
5. Raybans. Living on a sunny island in Spain means you always have to carry around a pair of sunglasses, you don’t want to get blinded. I tend to use these more towards the summer but still carry them around just in case.
6. Hand moisturiser. I bought this from Bath and Body Works when I was in USA last summer, I have about 5 stocked up. The one I use is lemon/mint infused, kind of like a mojito and smells heavenly.
7. Vanilla Cake & Coconut Essence Lip Balm by H&M. These two flavours are my favourites! I don’t tend to use lip gloss a lot and settle for this instead, it still gives your lips the same effect. Likewise, I used to own a Chocolate Lip Balm which I bought from women’s secret but I sadly lost it on my trip to Canada and cannot find a replacement for it unfortunately.
8. Smint. I’m not a massive fan of chewing gum but smint is the best! They always satisfy my cravings and taste SO good. I have way too much during the day.
9. My house keys. I think this one’s fairly obvious, I can’t lock myself outside now can I?
10. Essence Waterproof Eyeliner. It’s always good to carry around eyeliner for touch ups or in case your friends need some!

And that’s it. I hope you liked this post. If anyone has done this tag, let me know I won’t mind checking it out 🙂

Much love,