Why I’m not sorry for being NICCE

nicce hoodieGet it? Nicce? Okay, I’ll show myself out now. Just kidding. Today’s blog post is in collaboration with NICCE, and I thought, why not talk about something close to my heart. But first, I wanted to talk about this NICCE sweatshirt, I’ve been loving the athleisure trend lately. My final major project last year was all about athleisure. I was the kind of person who used to show up to university in my gym clothes, I’m not even joking. I love wearing women’s hoodies, especially to the gym! You could say I was fully looking the part to my final major project.

nicce sweatshirt

Sweatshirt: NICCE* / Jeans: Forever 21Shoes: Nike

But all jokes aside, let’s get down to business. Most people who know me will know how “nice” I am – in the sense that I can’t say no, I will happily accommodate you and I’ll probably let people backstab me without realising. (It’s true). No matter how many times people have outright taken advantage of me, I’ll still treat everyone with the same kindness. I’m the kind of person that will help you with anything (no Karen, I will not help you hide a dead body.)

Nowadays, being nice is so rare. It’s come to the point where people consider being nice a weakness. Either that or you’re considered fake.

The odds of me getting angry at you are very slim, unless you’ve massively pissed me off. It takes a lot for me to get angry, like a lot. For instance, talking shit behind my back and being nice to me to my face, that shit will not sit right with me. But even after getting angry at someone, I’ll think, “was I too mean?” “okay, but did they really deserve it?” “I could have gone about much nicer” *Facepalm*

nicce sweatshirt londonnicce sweatshirt london “You’re too nice Amita.” “You need to stop being so nice.” – Things I’ve heard a million times in my lifetime. But I can’t help it, I can’t change my good old heart.

Here’s the thing, I think investing my time and energy into toxic people is such a waste. I hate drama (when it includes me) and I hate conflict. But I’ve had experience with a lot of toxic friendships throughout the years, where I’ve been used and abused. I should have called them out on it, and I definitely should have been more firm. Alas, I don’t have it in me.

If you knew about these people, you’d probably laugh and then think, why?! But, I won’t name and shame them because they’re not worth my time and energy. What’s the point in being passive aggressive about something that won’t matter in a few years time?

And you know what? Even with all these negative experiences, I still keep my head help up high hoping for the best. Just because someone has taken advantage of me doesn’t mean I’m going to magically start being rude to everyone. It’s not in my nature. You know what the best part of being nice is? No one has anything bad to say about you. Likewise, I’d rather be happy and drama free than be miserable and angry all the time. This doesn’t mean I’ll say yes to everything, I’ve learnt my limits and have started saying no.

And if you think I’m fake, that’s okay too, because I know my intentions are pure.

So here’s to all the nice girls out there, who like me, don’t have it in their hearts to be mean. You’re not too nice, and if you are, it’s not a bad thing. As Selena Gomez says,

“Kill them with kindness.”

What about you, are you naughty, or nice? Let me know about your experiences below!

This blog post is in collaboration with NICCE, however all views and opinions are my own.